Hydroponics is the growth of plants in the absence of soil. Aquaponics takes hydroponics gardening one step further, combining it with aquaculture, which is the farming of fish. Aquaponics and aquaculture systems are a farming method combining growth of aquatic animals with the growth of plants.

This is the first video I have watched about aquaponics. It claims that combining aquatic animals and hydroponics is highly beneficial as the plants thrive on the by-products of fish, i.e. their droppings. This makes sense as both fish and plants grow very well in lake and river habitats.

The video claims that plants grow 2x faster in aquaponics than they do in hydroponics systems, and they yield 10x as much. I would definitely like to see a side-by-side comparison before I believe that statement!

I haven’t investigated aquaponics very much and therefore don’t know how aquaponic practises differ to those of hydroponics that I’m used to. For example, I’m not sure what sort of hydroponic nutrients are used in aquaponics, if at all.

If you’re an aquaponics gardener and/or enthusiast, please feel free to comment below so that we can all learn about each other’s fields and become better gardeners in doing so.

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