A community member has turned a car park wasteland in the heard of America into a hydroponic oasis with the aid of aquaponics gardening.

Sahib Punjabi learnt a lot of his aquaponics principles from Murray Hallam, who is also featured in this video, to put together an aquaponics system behind a shopping centre, in the middle of a driveway. The hydroponics system is mainly composed of PVC pipes and vertical hydroponics systems.

The idea was that Sahib wanted to grow food in a wasteland. The original idea was to make it a commercial venture, but then Sahib changed his focus to providing the fruits of his labours to the homeless and the less well off.

He even took it one step further by planting out garden beds around the edges of the car park, where he has planted fruit and vegetables from excess stock out of his aquaponics system. While Sahib maintains this garden himself, he provides free access to those who need it most – the homeless and less well off. They are free to come and take whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Sahib has now had offers and requests from a number of individuals, including people in India, for him to go out and design and build a similar aquaponics system for them.


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