If you’ve been through this hydroponics gardening site, you would be well aware that plants can be grown indoors at any time of the year using hydroponic technology.

This video is absolute proof of this, with a gentleman from the USA growing a 2.5 foot broccoli plant in his summer. He planted the seeds in early October, and is harvesting his broccoli head in the middle of December, some 60 days from planting.

The most fantastic part of this story is the fact that it’s -17C outside, where broccoli wouldn’t have a chance at growing at all, and the fresh broccoli plant can be eaten “out of season”.

We don’t know much about the specific type of hydroponics system that was used to grow this plant, however is was an indoor hydroponics garden as evidenced by the reflective wall coverings and the 90W LED grow lights that are also mentioned.

I would imagine that either an ebb and flow or an aeroponics type hydroponics system was used to grow these plants, which is what plants the size of broccoli would be most suited to.

The grower does mention a down side of growing broccoli in an indoor hydroponics garden, and that is the fact that the plant is so large. The plant that was harvested did take up most of the growing area, to the point that adjacent broccoli plants weren’t able to grow to their full extent. This means that a 2.5 square foot area was used to grow only one plant effectively.

This could be fixed by (obviously) planting smaller plant types, or by using some sort of vertical hydroponics setup where more plants could be grown in the same area footprint. Nonetheless, impressive growing!

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