With this video, start at about the 3 min mark. The beginning is just preparing and washing the tank.

This homemade backyard DIY aquaponics hydroponics system is made up of of large industrial liquid tank that apparently contained craisins (concentrated raisins). It is an indoor system and will need grow lights to provide light to the plants.

The tank has been cut into two pieces, roughly one quarter from the top. The larger bottom container will house fish. The smaller upper container is flipped upside-down and will contain the plants.

There is a submersible water pump in the bottom container that will continuously pump water from the bottom nutrient reservoir to the plants in the top. From there it will pass through another PVC pipe back to the bottom reservoir to be recycled.

Aquaponics is a unique type of hydroponics garden, where plants are grown in the absence of soil, and also in the absence of exogenous nutrients. Instead, fish excrement that is contained within the water that they live in is used to feed plants. In turn, plant by-products provide additional food for the fish. This sets up a largely self-sustaining ecosystem where both fish and plants thrive.

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