Growing plants using vertical hydroponics systems is a perfect way to utilise small amounts of space such as patios, condominiums, and apartments.

Vertical gardens can even be grown in window frames to allow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables to be grown in any home.

Herbs can definitely be grown vertically, as can any plant that has a small root system such as lettuce.

The vertical hydroponics systems shown here are great ideas of using cheap materials in a DIY project.

One system uses recycled plastic bottles that are tipped upside-down and arranged vertically. A single hydroponics plant is planted into each bottle. Hydroponic nutrients solution is pumped from a reservoir that is made of the lowest plastic bottle up to the top container. The nutrients drip through the top plant, then pass to the next plant in the vertical garden. This continues until the nutrients drip through to the reservoir, from where they are recycled.

The other hydroponics system shown in this video is a wall garden that is moistened from behind. It contains pockets into which plants can be planted. They can be moved around as well.

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