This is a really short video that shows some snapshot videos and images of hydroponic lettuce being grown in a hydroponic farm with commercial hydroponics.

What’s really obvious is that lettuce thrives in hydroponics systems, and it can be grown on an absolutely massive scale.

The setup being used by this commercial grower is basically a stack of PVC pipes that are lined up side by side, with hundreds, if not thousands, of lettuce plants being grown in the hydroponics farm.

It is obvious from the small fluid hoses that are being used that this is an NFT-type hydroponics system, where hydroponic nutrient solution is continuously passed over the roots of the lettuce plants. This serves to provide the lettuce roots with highly oxygenated and nutritious fluid, along with water, which is all that the plant roots require. On the other side there is ample light for photosynthesis to take place, and for the lettuce to grow with maximum efficiency.

Although this is a commercial hydroponics farm, the design can be scaled back by anybody to whatever their needs and/or capacity are, right back to growing a few heads of lettuce in your back yard, garage, or basement.

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