A deep water culture hydroponics system is amongst the easiest hydroponics designs to build.

All that is required for this hydroponics system is 3.5 gallon bucket, 10 in ch net pot, an air pump, air tubing, an air stone, some rock wool, rockwool, and some expanded clay growing medium, or your growing medium of choice. All of these items can be picked up at your local hydroponics or gardening supply store, or you might be able to source some of the items like the air pump on the internet for next to nothing.

To set the system up, fill the reservoir with hydroponic nutrient solution to a level that is just above the base of the net pot. Place the air stone connected to tubing into the bucket. A plant that is past the seedling stage should be used, where the roots are visibly growing out of the rockwool. Hydroponic growing medium such as expanded clay pellets can then be placed around the plant. Switch on the air pump.

During this early stage, the nutrient solution needs to be in contact with the rockwool so that it can wick the nutrients and water up to the plant. Once the plant has developed more, the root system will expand considerably and the level of the nutrient solution can be much lower.

Maintenance of this type of deep water culture system is easy. Every 1-2 weeks, lift the plant out of its bucket and move it to another bucket. Replace the hydroponics solution with a fresh supply, and place the plant back into its original bucket.

This type of system is also expandable by simply adding more bucket / net pot / air stone units. The only thing that might need to be upgraded is the air pump.

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