This video shows an extensive deep water culture hydroponics system that is being used to grow many types of hydroponics plants. They are mainly strawberries as well as numerous types of herbs.

The gardener here has called this an aquaponics farm. Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture, where fish are grown, and hydroponics, where plants are grown. There are a number of containers that are using the deep water culture hydroponic system. They all seem to be linked to each other and hydroponic nutrients is circulated amongst the various containers.

What’s interesting here is that the containers are located above one another and the water falls down into lower containers.

A really neat aspect of this system is an aquarium at the bottom of one of the deep water culture systems. There are fish there. This is a neat aspect of aquaponics, where plants and fish can be grown in the same system. If you are a fish and plant lover, then aquaponics might be something you might like to get started on.

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