I have been reviewing different types of hydroponics systems, and the Volksgarden from Omega Garden is one that is definitely thinking outside the square.

The Volksgarden hydroponics kit is a rotating wheel within which some 80 hydroponics plants can be planted. Turning one full circle every hour, the plants can get watered every hour, or the hydroponic nutrient pump can be timed to reduce this rate of watering.

This experiment is following the growth of different varieties of lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, and some mini peppers.

The rapid and robust growth of all plants in this system is visibly amazing. The lettuce was ready to harvest within 21-28 days, compared to the suggested 60 days on the seed packet. The cherry tomatoes began to flower within 35 days.

According to the author of this video, the combination of the Volksgarden with the vertical hydroponic LED grow light, which was purchased from Hydro Grow is the most efficient hydroponics system he has used.

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