This homemade hydroponics system is an example of a dutch bucket system. This hydroponics method hasn’t been discussed on the hydroponics systems page of this site. The principle is that plants are gown in isolated buckets or pots.

There is a central hydroponics nutrients reservoir from which nutrients are pumped and dripped onto each plant. The nutrients filter through the growth medium in each bucket, feeding the plant along the way. At the bottom of each bucket or pot, there is a collection method such as a reservoir or even a single hole in the bottle of each pot. This is then passed back to the central hydroponic nutrients reservoir for recirculation. The water pump can be on continuously, or it can be set to swith on an off periodically.

The plants growing in this homemade hydroponics system look to be thriving. The benefit of the dutch bucket system is that it is modular. That means that buckets can be both added to the system to increase its capacity, and likewise, buckets can be removed from the system to make it smaller. This also means that plants requiring different pot sizes can be grown in a dutch bucket system using the same nutrient reservoir.

Plants that require more space to grow such as pumpkins, watermelons, and other vines, are ideally grown in dutch bucket systems.

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