One of the questions that is common in hydroponics gardening, and is definitely one that I had when I was considering whether or not to get started in hydroponics, was whether sufficient produce can be grown for the family using hydroponics techniques. This video convincingly answers “yes” to this question.

This hydroponics gardener has a self-contained hydroponics indoors garden, also known as a grow room where he is using a simple and cheap drip hydroponics system to grow all of his produce.

If you’re interested, instructions to build this hydroponics system can be found here for part 1, and here for part 2.

The hydroponics plants that are being grown are dill, basil, and lettuce. As you can see, there is sufficient produce for a small family to consume. In fact, I believe that if you focused your growing on only one type of plant, e.g. herbs or lettuce, that you would be able to produce enough produce for a small business, being able to market to a restaurant or to market sellers.

The grow room contains of the hydroponic drip system growing units, each of which has its own 90W grow light, and silver reflective lining on the walls, roof, and floor of the grow room. This serves to increase the amount of light within the system by around 60%, and is able to direct the light to all parts of the plant, such as those below the canopy, which would normally be in shade.

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