This video shows a very nice, simple experiment looking at the effect that different grow light manufacturers and intensities have on the growth and fruit production of cherry tomato plants.

The aim was to identify which grow lights of 120W power from two different suppliers produced better plant growth, and more fruit production. Also, to compare this to a 60W manufactured grow light and a 90W grow light purchased from eBay.

Cherry tomato plants were used as the model in this experiment. They were all cloned from the same mother plant, exposed to the same hydroponic nutrients, grown using the same hydroponics systems, and exposed to the same period of lighting (16 hours per day).

The observable differences were in the rate of plant growth, the thickness of the stems, the size of the roots and root balls, the number of flowers produced, and the number and size / weight of tomato fruit produced.

This experiment found that the 120W lights from Hydro Grow were most efficient at stimulating robust plant growth, produced the most advanced root system, and produced the most flowers and fruit. This grow light was much better than the 120W HTG grow light.

A surprising finding from this experiment was that the 63W Hydro Grow light produced better results than the 90W light purchased from eBay. It looks as though the eBay light produces a more red light, which would not be as effective in stimulating plant growth as the more blue light produced by the Hydro Grow. Nonetheless, it shows that the power emitted by hydroponics grow lights is not the only factor that is responsible for plant growth.

I have a criticism of this experiment, which is that the experiment was only performed once, with one plant in each group. It would be better to perform the experiment either more times over (say 5 times in all), or to grow more plants in each group at the same time. This would provide us with more confidence that the results that are being obtained are true differences, rather than being due to chance alone. Nonetheless, a great job!

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