Here is a great way to clone cuttings using a hydroponics system that is set-and-forget, cheap, and most importantly, works!

The FloatCloner is made of a green inert resin that has 9 holes cut out of it. Each hole contains a growing block into which a plant cutting is inserted. The entire unit is then placed inside a bucked or some sort of hydroponics nutrient reservoir, together with an air stone that is attached to an air pump, and the system is switched on and left to grow.

The great thing about this hydroponics kit is that there is no need to continuously monitor the cuttings. As the water and nutrients are utilised and evaporate, the water level declines. Since the cloning system is floating on top of the water, it stays in continuous contact with the nutrients. This means that the cuttings won’t run out of nutrients and water.

The manufacturers market this product as not requiring misting, that there are no spray heads required (therefore they don’t get blocked), and no moisture domes are required, since the plants are in continuous contact with nutrient solution and there is no danger of it drying out.

This FloatCloner hydroponics kit is also expandable by simply buying a bigger nutrient reservoir and placing more FloatConer units into it.


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