It seems that the amount of hydroponics plants that are available in our greengrocers is continuing to increase, and hydroponic technology is here to stay with us, for the long term.

The first hydroponic plants that were available in our supermarkets were tomatoes, but now lettuce and herbs can just as well be expected to pop up.

You know when you’re buying a hydroponic herb. They come in sheaths of plastic and have a very white root system still attached to their base. These plants have most likely been grown in a water culture hydroponics system. This is where plants are sprouted from seed in some sort of water-retaining cube such as those available from rock wool. Once they have developed a root system, they are transplanted to water culture.

In water culture hydroponics systems, plants are floated on a lake of hydroponic nutrients solution. Their roots hang down into the solution, providing all the nourishment they need to grow.

Herbs are particularly suited to water culture hydroponics as they have a small root system, and they can be planted very close to one another, meaning that yields of plants are much greater than what can be achieved with traditional soil gardening. In fact, up to five times more crop can be grown hydroponically in the same space as traditional soil gardening.

Image from Josie B.

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