This hydroponic strawberry farm is a huge establishment in New Zealand that is producing massive amounts of hydroponic strawberries.

The farm looks to be using nutrient film technology hydroponic systems to grow these hydroponics plants en mass.

The strawberries are grown hydroponically in a huge greenhouse. This serves to allow full light, minimise the effect of the cold winter months, and thereby allowing for strawberries to be grown year round.

A system similar to this, although obviously on a much smaller scale, can be built in the home garden. Have a look at our hydroponic systems page for descriptions on nutrient film technique hydroponic systems. They are based on PVC pipes that have holes cut out of them where the strawberry plants are held. Hydroponic nutrients is passed continuously down the pipes from one end to the other, feeding and watering the plants continuously. At the end of the PVC pipe, the nutrients are collected into a reservoir and pumped back up to be passed down the pipe again.

This type of nutrient recirculation system allows for maximal plant growth, while minimising nutrient and water requirements. Using it in a greenhouse allows for plants to be grown all year round.

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