Here is a great and simple example of how strawberries can be grown using hydroponic methods.

This is a commercial strawberry growing farm that uses rows of planters and the results are fantastic.

Each row contains commercially-available coco fibre bags that each have a few strawberry plants in them. Semi-mature hydroponic strawberry plants are planted into the coco-fibre. This makes time from planting to harvesting quicker, however there is obviously a greater cost associated with obtaining the semi-mature plants than if they were grown from seed.

The coco fibre and plants are watered with hydroponic nutrients. I am not sure if this is done continuously or in an intermittent manner.

The planters are positioned off the ground to make it easier to plant, manage, and harvest the strawberries.

While the yield from this plantation is very large, there is the potential to position the planters closer together to further increase the number of strawberries that are grown. This is possible because hydropnics gardening is not limited by nutrient availability of soil. The nutrient solution provides all of the nutrients that are needed.

This type of hydroponic strawberry growing system can be established on a much smaller scale. It would work very well in the home and even indoor garden. It is ideal for the beginning hydroponic gardener, and requires very little ongoing maintenance.



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