Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil using mineral nutrient solutions.

Dutch bucket hydroponics is a very effective hydroponic system. Water is poured 3 or 4 times a day into the growing buckets. This can be done with the help of water pumps. It is a very healthy and a nicely working system.

The main component to Dutch bucket hydroponic systems is the bucket. Ready-made buckets can be expensive, however these can made easily and cheaply. One can take a normal bucket and follow the steps in the video to make it a hydroponics bucket.

In addition, a half inch PVC is needed with an elbow attachment. Another small piece of PVC is required to connect the bucket to the reservoir, which collects all of the water from the bucket back into the reservoir.

Very healthy plants can be grown in Dutch bucket hydroponic systems as shown with the tomatoes in the video. One can have even two in the same bucket by cutting up from the two corners.

Rocks, perlite, or other hydroponic growth medium needs to be used in the buckets to provide physical support. Perlite is cheaper and lightweight compared to the rocks. Strainers are required to cover up the buckets.

To start your system, put the perlite into the bucket. Fill the bucket completely with perlite, fill with water and let it settle. It is very dusty and needs to be rinsed. Put in the water again and make it run out.

Now plant the plants but make sure they have roots. Make a little hole and put the plant in it. Cover up the bucket with the cut up container top. One can invest in extra accessories to get proper oxygen to the plants.

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