Here is a cheap and easy to make homemade ebb and flow hydroponics system. It uses a hydroponics nutrient reservoir, PVC pipe, PVC pipe connectors, bottles, and bottle caps. A submersible water pump is required in the nutrient reservoir to pump nutrients into each of the plant containers. The height of the nutrients is determined by the inverted U-shaped PVC pipes in the middle of the setup. This U-shaped pipe also provides the siphoning. A timer connected to the pump will provide the regular ebb and flow or flood and drain cycling that is required with this type of system.

This system is designed to grow 11 plants in the one unit. Obviously more units can be built to expand the system or your homemade hydroponics garden.

Unfortunately there is one major drawback of this system. As plants grow in the containers, their roots will grow down through the bottom of the plant containers and along the PVC pipes. If plants with reasonably large root systems are grown, they can potentially block the pipes. Thus I would recommend that plants with small root systems such as lettuce or strawberries be grown in this homemade flood and drain hydroponics system.

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