This homemade hydroponics PVC garden is based on 5 x 2-inch PVC pipes and the nutrient film recirculating technique hydropnics system.

There are 5 PVC pipes that each contain holes for plant growth. A submersible pump passes fluid from the 15 gallon hydroponic nutrients reservoir via standard drip irrigation lines to the ends of each grow tube. From there, the nutrients flow past and feed each plant, before dropping back into the nutrient reservoir, ready for recirculation.

The is a hydroponics indoors setup, and therefore requires grow lights. A single 400-Watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp is used in this instance. Sodium grow lights are best for the late phase of plant growth, which includes flowering, and fruit and seed development. High pressure sodium grow lights produce quite a lot of heat, making the plants think it is the end of summer, which triggers formation of flowers, fruits, and seeds.

In this setup, plants are grown in 1-inch rock wool cubes, which are great for starting plants from seed or cutting. Although no plants are shown in this setup at the time of filming, this system suits almost any type of hydroponics plant. The fact that high pressure sodium lamps are being used means that flowering and fruiting plants would do very well. Leafy plants would also do very well, but they don’t need the long wavelengths produced by high pressure sodium lamps. They would do perfectly well in a metal halide lamp, which simulates spring and early summer, and stimulates vegetative (leaf) growth.

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