When building a homemade hydroponics system, one of the questions is how to reduce the cost of the various parts that are required.

One of the most expensive components of hydroponics systems is the submersible water pump.

In drip-type hydroponics systems, high rates of water flow are not required. Instead, a slow, steady trickle or even dripping of hydroponic nutrients is all that plants need. All that is needed is a slow, continuous trickling of water containing nutrients over the plant roots to keep them hydrated and nourished.

Air pumps, which come very cheap, can be used to provide a level of dripping or trickling that is perfect for drip-type hydroponics systems. Watch the video above to learn how to build a water pump that uses an air pump.

The principle of this method is to pump air down a tube into a water reservoir and then provide some tubing for the water to pass up. The bubbling of water at the bottom of the air tube will provide enough force to deliver droplets of water to where they are needed.

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