I started off growing hydroponics plants in a hydroponics system based on the nutrient film technique and aeroponics. This was great for growing fruiting and leafy vegetables, but the problems were the cost in setting up (very high), and the inability to grow root vegetables.

My partner is a great fan of radish, so I am going to try to set up a hydroponics system to grow radish. My idea is to sprout the seeds on moist paper towel, grow them until they have a root system in perlite, and grow them to maturity by suspending them in a water culture system.

I got the idea to grow them in water culture from a NASA experiment that showed radish was able to be grown using hydroponics techniques. I’m not sure if the growing radish bulbs are supposed to be below the nutrient water level, or if only their roots are to hang down into the nutrients. I’m worried that if the whole bulb is suspended, it will crack, which is what happens when root vegetables grow too quickly.

I have already sprouted my radish and tonight will plant them into perlite. In a few days it will be time to set up the water culture hydroponics system. Can’t wait!

Image from TravisTruman.

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