This is a neat video showing the growth of a carrot using time lapse photography. Hydroponic vegetables are one of the best applications of hydroponic gardening.

The carrot tops have been cut off from a mature plant, with just about 1cm of the orange carrot root and about 1 inch of the stems and leaves left on. The carrots are then placed into a small amount of water and left to grow.

During the video, the most obvious growth is with the stems and leaves, as they grow up tall and more leaves are produced.

One of the very interesting things that I found from this video was the growth of new roots out of the orange carrot root itself. The new roots were white and looked quite thick. I imagine they were similar to the small white roots you get on the sides of carrots when they are grown in soil, only bigger here because there were fewer of them and they weren’t damaged by pulling the root out of the soil.

This shows that carrots can be grown in hydroponic systems. I haven’t tried growing hydroponi carrots, but I am experimenting with growing root hydroponic vegetables in hydroponic systems. I am experimenting with growing radish at the moment.

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