If you’ve been growing hydroponics plants for a while, you almost undoubtedly would have crops that yielded way too much for you to consume. After making all the jams that you can store, freezing all that you can so that there is no more room in your freezer, and giving away so much to your friends that they flat-out refuse to accept any more, you might have thought of whether you can sell your produce.

This is a definite possibility. Like all businesses, the best way to get started is with a business plan. This in turn requires knowledge of the local market, and most importantly, identifying which plants are in highest demand in your local area.

In Keith Roberto’s book “How-To Hydroponics”, he suggests interviewing the local restaurants and chefs to identify what’s most in demand, how much produce they would require, and in what quantities.

Keith suggests that culinary herbs are great hydroponics plants to market. Herbs such as basil are always being used. What’s best about culinary herbs is that they are usually green leafy plants, which is the type of plant that thrives most in hydroponics gardens.

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