Aquaponics hydroponics gardening is a technique where fish are grown in the same environment as hydroponics plants. The fish and plants produce their own waste products that feed the other. This is a great method for growing hydroponics plants without needing to continuously invest in hydroponic nutrients.

The Garden Girl has made her own homemade hydroponics aquaponics system. She has used steel shelving as the main support structure, galvanised iron boxes as the plant grow boxes, some standard fluorescent lighting as the light source (as this is an indoor garden), and a standard glass aquarium to hosue the fish. There is also a water pump to circulate the water and an air pump to oxygenate the water.

The growing medium being used is a gravel base with a top layer of perlite. I believe this to be a great combination of growing media for this growin system as the top layer of perlite will hold sufficient nutrients to feed and hydrate the plants, while at the same time rapidly and efficiently allowing excess water to filter through. The gravel will serve as a great space filler and support system.

Now the only thing I would change to what is being done in this system is to have the grow lights set to an 18 hour on, 6 hour off cycle. This will allow for plants to grow for a longer period of time than the 12 on / 12 off cycle that the Garden Girl is using. No big deal, just quicker plant growth.

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