I came across this video on YouTube showing quite a small indoor hydroponics garden, but one that is being utilised to grow a number of hydroponics plants.

The hydroponics indoors setup is a flood and drain system with a 2′ x 2′ grow tray that has a 4 gallon capacity. This is linked to a 5 gallon bucket containing the hydroponic nutrients.

The grow tray is filled with expanded clay pellets, which is great because they are cheap and work fantastically well in indoor gardens.

The lighting is being provided by fluorescent bulbs, again cheap alternatives to indoor hydroponics lighting. The bulbs have been selected to provide both blue and red light, which fulfills the requirements of plants in both their grow and bloom phases.

The plants grown here are spinach,  dill, spearmint, sugar-snap peas, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, and basil.

Spearmint is a great companion plant that will help get rid of any aphids that are growing in your garden.

I think this garden might run into a bit of trouble when the plants start growing. It doesn’t look like there will be a heap of room for the plants to grow. This is what happened with one of my indoor gardens where I tried to grow too many plants in the same spot. I have found, and what I do now, is to grow similar plants together (in the same container), so that they can be planted according to their individual requirements.

This is the same philosophy as planting plants in veggie patches. You don’t plant different plants in the one row. Rather, you plant the same plant in the one row and provide enough room between plants and between rows for the plants to thrive.

Food for thought.

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