The Omega Garden company have developed rotary hydroponics systems available as hydroponics kits for the home and commercial hydroponics gardener.

One of their main systems is the Volksgarden, which is suitable for home gardeners, and retails at the time of this post for US$1,995.

The rotary hydroponics system contains plants that are located on a wheel with their roots pointing outwards and their leaves, flowers, and fruit pointing into the centre of the wheel.

At the centre of the wheel is a grow lamp. At the bottom of the wheel is the hydroponic nutrient solution, which the plant roots pass through as the wheel continually rotates.

The rotary method of hydroponics gardening combines the flood & drain and vertical hydroponics systems method. The change in gravity that the plants experience as they are rotated has been shown to promote strong stem and plant development, as the plants continually need to fight against gravity. This results in more rapid plant growth than is seen with other hydroponics systems.

There has been some dissatisfaction towards Omega Garden for not providing sufficient assembly, setup, and day-to-day running instructions for their Volksgarden system. This video attempts to fill part of that gap.


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