With increasing variation in the world climate, the Pasona group in Tokyo, Japan, are promoting the use of hydroponics indoors to grow rice and vegetables.

The Pasona group call these “urban gardens”, which are essentially indoor hydroponics gardens.

The urban garden philosophy promoted by the group has had far-reaching interest, with ministers from Pakistan recently visiting the Pasona group.

They were taken around the company’s offices, where there are small hydroponics indoors setups in the meeting rooms, in the lunch rooms, and in the board rooms. These small hydroponics systems are able to utilise any “unused light” within the building for the benefit of growing plants.

The plants that can be grown can obviously be of any type, for example vegetables, herbs, or flowers. They provide a more relaxed feel to the office at the same time.

The Pakistani ministers were quite impressed with the groups efforts in promoting hydroponics gardening, that they asked them to visit Pakistan. All of this too place at the 5th International Conference on Flood Management, which was held at the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management in Tokyo, Japan.

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