A great hydroponics how to strawberry garden using hydroponics indoors and a series of LED grow lights. Red ones are used here of about 270-360 Watts, producing an absolutely huge crop of lush strawberries.

There is either a nutrient film technique of aeroponics hydroponics system being used here, which continuously supplies the strawberry plant roots with nutrients.

The guy said he flushed the strawberries for about a week and then saw a great boost in plant growth. What that means is to remove hydroponics nutrients from the solution and use pure water (without any added nutrients) for a period of in this case, one week. This serves to remove all of the nutrients from the plants and “refresh” or “reset” the system.

Sometimes people recommend to flush their plants about a week before they plan on eating them. Some people think that the hydroponics nutrients interfere with the flavour of their hydroponics plants, and flushing them serves to remove this unwanted taste.

In my experience, I haven’t noticed unnatural or unwanted flavours in my hydroponic herbs, tomatoes, or peas, and don’t flush. I have other plants growing at the moment such as gherkins, pumpkin, and strawberries, and will see if flushing is required for these types of plants.

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