A local hydroponics gardener has combined forces with one of the town’s local restaurants to produce a magnificent partnership that is serving both of them very well.

Kevin McDonald once walked into the Kate Mohundro’s restaurant “Truth” with a crate full of various vegetables and hydroponic plants. That was the start of the partnership.

Since then, Truth restaurant has been buying most of their vegetable produce from his business Rainbow Harvest Hydroponic Greenhouse, from which Kevin delivers 2-4 times per week.

According to Kate, this is not only more cost effective, but also provides her restaurant with fresher produce. She doesn’t have to order in 10 pounds at a time and stock it until it is used up, risking it might go to waste. Rather, she can order in smaller quantities such as 5 pounds and provide her customers with tastier and fresher ingredients.

The partnership and system design is also reducing greenhouse emissions and transport costs, since the produce doesn’t need to be shipped from other parts of the state or country.

Known as the “from farm to table” movement, there is an increase for farmers and restaurant owners to combine to bring produce directly from the farm to the restaurant, rather than working through various middle businesses such as warehouses, through which the produce quality and freshness is reduced.

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