Welcome to my website Hydroponics Habitat.com! My goal here is to provide you with a high quality site with lots of great information about hydroponic gardening, how to build your own hydroponic system, growing various plants like lettuce, strawberries, and tomatoes hydroponically, along with some specifics such as the use of nutrients and growth lights.

I have been a hydroponics enthusiast since 2010 and have built my garden using a combination of 3 PVC pipes. I have successfully grown many herbs (basil, dill, cress, lemon grass, oregano), strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, peas, beans, sunflowers, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. I will use this website to share with you everything I know about hydroponic gardening.

I promise that I will not try to sell you a bunch of material to make money. When I find something that works, I’ll let you know. When something is a dismal failure, I will let you know about that too. If I find a product that I have used that I find valuable, I will share that with you as well. I will also share the plans I used to build my first hydroponic system, as well as any future projects I work on.

I look forward to working on this site to make it the best hydroponics gardening resource on the internet, and trust that your time here will be valuable.

Happy dirt-free gardening!