A new inert hydroponic growing medium from Sure to Grow is being developed. It will be available for home hydroponics gardeners in hopefully the not-too-distant future.

The growing medium doesn’t have a name yet, but is reported to be a very dry medium with similar properties to vermiculite and perlite. It is a material that is cut up into crouton-sized cubes and used in a way similar to expanded clay. Although the medium itself is very dry to the touch, water is reported to be most concentrated in the centre of the cube, which means that plant roots will invade into the medium as they search for water. This will give them increased stability.

This growing medium is reported to be pH and nutrient inert, meaning that the medium itself won’t change the pH of hydroponic nutrients solutions, and it won’t react with any of the nutrients or minerals. Both of these factors are vital for the ease of use and success of any growth medium.

The itinial results of this new product are great. The hydroponics plants shown growing in the video look to be thriving. I can’t wait to see it on the shelves of my hydroponics supplier so that I can test it out in my own hydroponic garden.

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