This is a neat little video demonstrating the principles of a nutrient film technique hydroponics gardening system.

This hydroponics how to system is made up of a series of PVC pipes that are angled so that water can flow down the entire tube. The angle only needs to be ever so slight. A 1:200 drop (1cm drop over 200cm of length) is more than sufficient for water to flow. Steep angles aren’t ideal as the water flows down too fast.

Water along with hydroponics nutrient solution is stored in the reservoir. It is pumped up to the higher end of the system. From there it flows down its course, watering and nourishing the plants as it goes. Once it reaches the far end, it drops into the nutrient reservoir, thereby being recycled. An air stone can be placed into the nutrient reservoir to oxygenate the water and nutrients. This enhances plant growth a good deal.

The yield produced by this type of hydroponics how to system is very high as highly oxygenated, replenished nutrients are delivered continuously to the plant roots. Almost any type of plant will grow in this type of system, although it is best suited to plants with small to medium sized root balls such as lettuce, strawberries, and herbs.

The system is expandable by increasing the length of the PVC grow pipes.

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