This is a neat video describing how hydroponic nutrient solutions are prepared for hydroponics gardening.

Hydroponic nutrients typically come in multiple parts. One part is usually the base nutrient, the second is usually for vegetative growth, and the third for flowering/blooming and/or fruiting.

During the early phases of plant growth, the base and vegetative growth parts are used. During the flowering, blooming, and fruiting stages, the base and the flowering/fruiting parts are used.

During the flowering/fruiting stages, if using grow lights or if growing hydroponics indoors, you can also switch the light time down from 18 hours of light for vegetative growth, down to 12 hours of light for flowering and/or fruiting.

When mixing nutrient solutions, it is most important to follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s packaging to the letter. Most usually, the base nutrient is added first, followed by the vegetative or flowering/blooming.

If there are some plants in the vegetative growth stage while others are in the blooming stage, you can mix in a bit of the second and third nutrient parts.

The absolutely most important thing to do when mixing hydroponic nutrient solutions is to be sure to mix the solution very well after each addition.

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