Here is an example of a fantastic elegant hydroponic greenhouse.

There systems here are using the nutrient film technique to pump hydroponic nutrient solution into rows upon rows of leafy vegetables.

Each row of vegetables is made up of a gutter system with holes cut out in it to hold the plants. The holes are spaced according to what types of plants will be grown in each row. For example, larger spaces are needed between large plants such as chard and cauliflower, while smaller spaces are required between plants like lettuce and herbs. Seedlings can also be planted in these smaller spaces and then moved out to a larger space once they need more room.

The hydroponic nutrient solution gets collected into one main reservoir. From there it is pumped out to all of the different planting rows.

There is one thing I would suggest for this hydroponic garden. That is to cover the hydroponic nutrient reservoir. Algae eventually begins to grow in hydroponic nutrient solution that is exposed to light. Covering the main reservoir will help reduce algae growth and prevent it using up the nutrients.

The greenhouse is a wonderful purpose-built design that houses the hydroponic plants nicely. There is a fan that helps to circulate the air and refresh the air and the hydroponic rows are elevated to waist height, which is perfect for planting, maintaining, and harvesting.

I definitely got inspired with this purpose-built hydroponic greenhouse. I hope you did too!

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