This video shows a hydroponics gardener setting up a Stackable Gro Ups hydroponics kit. This type of hydroponics system is perfect for those that have limited spaces such as a small yard, a balcony, or an apartment. It can even be run as an indoor hydroponics system in a lounge room or office.

This vertical hydroponics garden is based on the drip system. There is a nutrient reservoir at the base of the garden and the Gro Up units are stacked above this. A pump within the nutrient reservoir pumps the nutrient solution up through a central pipe to a dripper system in the the top unit. From there it drops down through each of the Gro Up units until it falls into the nutrient reservoir at the base again.

The type of growth medium for this vertical garden would ideally be expanded clay, as this will allow for the nutrient solution to pass freely through each Gro Up unit. In fact in a part of the video expanded clay pellets are shown in the bottom unit.

This vertical garden would be ideal for growing hydroponics plants that renew themselves such as flowers or herbs. I am seriously thinking about setting one up in my office at work!

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