Making a homemade hydroponic garden from PVC pipes is a very efficient and effective method. PVC pipe hydroponic gardens are very versatile in the types of hydroponic systems that can be applied.

The two most popular systems used with PVC pipes are the nutrient film technique (NFT), and aeroponics. With NFT, plants must be large enough so that their roots reach the base of the pipe, so that nutrient solution flowing continuously down the pipe is able to nourish the plants and keep them hydrated.

Aeroponics is also ideally suited to PVC pipe gardens as it provides a confined space for sprayers to spray. With aeroponics, plants can be transplanted into the hydroponics system much earlier as the nutrients are much more easily able to reach the plant.

The first hydroponic garden I built was an aeroponic PVC pipe system with a bit of NFT built in. What I did was to angle the PVC pipes ever so slightly so that would be a small reservoir of nutrient solution at the base of the plant. This provided a backup to the system should there be a power or pump failure. It has worked very well as on a number of occasions individual sprayers have become blocked, and the reservoir has meant that the plants have survived until I noticed and was able to change over the blocked sprayer.

Image from SheepGuardingLlama.

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