This video is the second part of a tutorial about how to build a homemade drip hydroponics system.

The first part of the tutorial, shown here, discussed and detailed the parts of the drip system, and the beginning of construction.

This video completes construction and provides some great advice about how to set up and maintain the system.

The water lines are first added to the main pump line and threaded through their outlets in the system’s lid. The drippers are then placed onto the ends of the drip lines.

Net pots are placed into each of their locations. Hydroponics plants are best sown into rock wool cubes and are able to be transplanted into the net pots once they have developed true leaves and roots are starting to grow out of the bottom of the rock wool.

Place a single layer of expanded clay pellets into the bottom of the net pots, then the rockwool with the plant, and fill the net pot up with more expanded clay pellets. It is important to cover the surface of the rock wool cube. This will prevent light from reaching the rock wool, and thereby prevent algae from growing.

A small hole with a drain plug can be placed into the lid to aid in refilling the hydroponics nutrient reservoir once the nutrient level becomes too low.

The final part is to fill the reservoir to about 3/4 full and switch the system on. Happy growing!

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