Wanting to build your own hydroponics system to see whether plants that are grown hydroponically are really that much better, tastier, quicker, and easier to grow then traditional soil gardening?

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to go about doing that, step by step. This might especially be true if you’re a beginning hydroponics gardener. Well, here is a fantastic system to build.

The hydroponics system being built in this video is a drip type hydroponics system. Hydroponic nutrients are contained in a reservoir below the plants. The hydroponics plants are in the same container, being held in place in the lid within their net pots. Hydroponic nutrients is continuously dripped onto the hydroponic plants, which then drops back into the reservoir for recycling. Air stones are used to oxygenate the hydroponic nutrients.

This system is perfectly suited to growing herbs and smaller type plants such as strawberries and even lettuce. If you would like to grow bigger plants such as tomatoes, you will need to restrict yourself to only drilling two holes. The number of plants that can be grown is really only determined by the amount of space they take up once they’re grown.

This is the first of a two-part video that describes the equipment that is required, and how to start building and putting together the system. The process of drilling the holes and putting together the tubing is shown in sufficient detail to be followed.

Tutorial followed here.

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