This is a fantastic tutorial and information video about how to clone plants, particularly for (although not restricted to) use in hydroponics gardens and hydroponics systems.

The basil plant is used here as an example, since it grows very rapidly and works particularly well in the cloning process.

The first step to cloning is to cut a small stem from the top of the plant. The length of the stem should be the length between two leaf nodes (see the video for an example), cutting just above the lower leaves.

The cutting should have any large leaves removed so that its energy is directed towards generating roots rather than producing more leaves.

Once this has been done, place some root-promoting hormone onto the base of the stem. This helps to promote root growth, and also to seal the “wound”. Personally, I prefer root-promoting gels rather than powders, as I believe the gel is more effective in sticking to the cutting and also in providing a better seal to lock in moisture and keep out any infections.

The cutting is then placed into a pre-soaked rockwool cube. Other growth media can also be used, as can seed-raising soil mix if you’re not using a hydroponics system.

Within about 1-2 weeks, roots should be developing out of the bottom of the rockwool cube, which is when they can be moved to the main hydroponics system. LED grow lights and heat mats can be used to accelerate the root growing process.


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