A New York rooftop has been transformed into a hydroponics oasis that is being used to farm organic herbs and vegetables for the New York community.

The company Gotham Greens is running a hydroponics garden on a rooftop to produce in the order of 100 tons of herbs and vegetables each year in its 15,000 square foot facility.

The people that are benefiting from this are the restuarants and cafes of New York, to whom the fresh produce from this facility is delivered.

The benefits include reduced costs due to transport, elimination of pesticides and fertilizers, and truly organic produce.

The use of hydroponics is able to produce as much product as traditional soil gardening that is 10 times the size of this facility, while using some 20 times less water.

Additionally, it is able to produce crops throughout the year, including the winter months, when traditional soil gardens don’t produce at all.

The entire facility is powered by solar panesls, and there is an intricate system of environmental control that monitors light, temperature, humidity, and many other factors, and then puts into place measures such as shade or grow lights to correct any deviations from the ideal environment.

I believe this is a stellar example of a company that is taking the problems of our society (high population density, no space for agriculture, high costs of food production), and turning it on its head into a win-win situation.

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