The Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm in Tampa, Florida is using vertical hydroponics to grow crops of plants.

They use pots that are stacked vertically, with the plants growing at the top of each corner.

Hydroponic nutrients solution is pumped up to the top pot, where it drips down through each pot, watering and nourishing each plant as it drips down to the bottom pot.

Each pot contains a mixture of coconut fibre and perlite, which is a sterile medium (that doesn’t contain any living organisms), which means there are markedly reduced soil-borne diseases that can affect the plants and crop.

The 1 acre of land that the Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm has yields about as much as 5-7 acres of crops grown in soil using conventional farming methods, and using about one tenth the amount of water, meaning the efficiency of vertical hydroponics farming supercedes that of conventional farming many fold.

There are no tractors that are needed to prepare soil, fertilize, or harvest crops. There is no digging required, and crops can be planted and harvested while standing up, meaning much less stress on your knees!

As you can see from the video, the crop yields using this vertical hydroponics system are absolutely amazing.

The seasonal vegetables grown at this farm include tomatoes, bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, and many herb varieties.

Each unit can be used to grow about 90 plants, and the watering system is automatic. It is regulated by a timer, which switches the pump on 2-3 times per day for a few minutes each time. This provides the luxury of being able to leave the farm for days at a time without needing to find an extra pair of hands to keep an eye on an water the plants.

Best of all, vertical hydroponics systems can be used in any home – indoors, on patios or balconies, or in the back yard, to produce high yields of fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

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