A vertical hydroponics garden has been installed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

There are 26 grow towers in the O’Hare hydroponics garden, which are being used to grow vegetables.

Each vertical grow tower works on the aeroponics method of hydroponics gardening. In this method, plant roots are sprayed with a fine mist of water and hydroponic nutrients solution. The advantage of misting the water is that it becomes highly aerated, which in turn provides the plant roots with a very high level of oxygen.

High levels of oxygen and high levels of nutrients, combined with adequate light and ventilation are the perfect mix for plants. They will thrive and produce a lot more produce than with traditional soil gardening.

The additional advantage of the vertical hydroponics growing method is that all three dimensions are being utilised, increasing the amount of produce per unit area much, much higher than what could ever be achieved with traditional soil gardening.

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