Emirates airlines have used vertical hydroponics gardening to display their advertisement on a wall in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

The design, as shown in the photos on this post, is a map of the world, with their slogan running along the top of the ad. The map is filled with plants.

The vertical hydroponics ad was designed by French vertical hydroponics gardener Patrick Blanc.

The plants are supported and planted within a bio-dynamic felt, which is irrigated by a hydroponics drip system. There is also an incorporated water sensor to monitor and regulate watering of the vertical garden.

Being made entirely from wood and vegetation, the vertical hydroponics advertisement is assisting Cape Town in their bid to become the World’s Design Capital, by incorporating art and design in public places.

To see the original article, click here. More information about this vertical hydroponics ad can be found at this website.

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