The purpose of hydroponic gardening is to produce a crop with greater yield, in a smaller amount of space, and with as little water as possible.

Hydroponics systems such as water culture and ebb and flow systems work fantastically well, but do tend to use up a fair amount of water. In addition, they are not ideally suited to indoor hydroponics gardening, as there is the risk that they will leak and cause a mess.

Vertical hydroponics gardens, on the other hand, are ideally suited to hydroponics indoor because they often utilise much less water than other hydroponics system types. In addition, they produce the highest crop yields per unit area.

Heaps of vertical hydroponics garden types can be found on the internet. These include vertical PVC gardens and vertical drip gardens that are made out of plastic bottles.

The vertical PVC gardens typically use sprayers at the point of each plant to deliver water and nutrients. The vertical plastic bottle gardens, on the other hand, typically work on a drip system, where nutrients are pumped to the top plant, from where they drip through each subsequent plant’s root system, before being collected at the bottom and recycled again.

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